Greetings fellow Samaritans!
We are starting an interesting journey and we are inviting you to be a part of it. We have decided to adopt a village on the serene, scenic and peaceful hills of ooty. We chose ‘Ooty’ because the founder of this project has a lot of happy childhood memories there.One day, over dinner & a ton of political chit-chat, we wondered why we leave the most important things to our politicians. Why can’t we as citizens share their burden, take an interest and do more than living our 9-7 lives? We brainstormed a little about the things we could do and then asked ourselves- why not transform an entire village? Sure, it sounds like a lofty goal but each one of us has just the right amount of crazy in us to pull it off. Then the proverbial lightening struck & we had another idea – why not use the collective intelligence, wisdom & experience of the crowd to come up with the best plan of action? We are not ashamed of admitting that we don’t know everything. However, we are listening and are open to suggestions. We would use all the help we can get.

If we succeed, we wish to make this a replicable model that can be implemented by anyone elsewhere.

So hop on board & sail with us!


We have conducted a comprehensive survey of all households to understand where we stand. The survey chronicles the qualitative & quantitative aspects of their lives. The findings of our survey have been put up on our site & SM accounts for all of you to see.

We have started by putting together a basic framework of what is needed.  This is just a start. You are welcome to add to this. The timeline for finalization of framework & action plan is as follows

We plan to keep things simple, jargon free & easy for all of you to understand. Suggestions can be sent to us directly by clicking on the ‘PARTICIPATE’ button on to. You can also get in touch with us by sending a mail to ‘team.raokf@gmail.com’



Finances matter and the lack thereof can often be very limiting. We plan to use various avenues to fund our project (crowd-funding, corporate sponsorships, utilization of various govt. schemes, individual donations & everything in between)

We believe in transparency & once our action plan is ready, we will follow a very open and transparent process of procurement & execution which will be open for anyone to assess. Transparency is key to forging trust, building credibility and we understand that.



  1. People who have worked on similar projects in the past.
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. Architects & Landscape artists
  4. Civil servants & politicians – who can help us navigate through the complex maize of government schemes, offices
  5. Artists – any field – we need videographers, editors, painters and more.
  6. Engineers, Management Students
  7. Professors, teachers & people who have a background of social service
  8. College Students
  9. Anyone with a heart of gold who is eager to help

To know more about the village & be a part of the development process, click on the ‘PARTICIPATE’ button 



‘Arakad’ is a quiet, quaint little village on a hill in Ooty (Nilgiri District, Tamilnadu, India). It is home to about 68 families who on the surface live content lives but scratch the surface and you’ll know better

  • Total number of families : approx 67
  • Most families are landless. Few families own a few cents of land
  • Average monthly savings – almost ‘nil’
  • Average Monthly Income- INR 6000-8000
  • Unhygienic living conditions
  • Majority of the families have atleast one member in the family addicted to alcohol
  • Inadequate nutrition  levels in children
  • Several families are under the grip of private money lenders servicing loans at high interest rates
  • 80% + families don’t have a  toilets and practice open defecation
  • No reliable transport facilities to and from the village (even for medical emergencies)
  • Poor roads – both within & approach to the village
  • Poor lighting conditions at night
  • Water paucity in summers

You see, things don’t really look great for the residents of Arakad. Let’s take a pledge to do what we can and transform their lives.